Research Facilities

Centre of Interdisciplinary Research in Evidence-Based Practice

The Centre of Interdisciplinary Research in Evidence-Based Practice is established within HKSYU. The CEBP centre offers knowledge exchange activities such as lectures, seminars and workshops, particularly on the topics about evidence-based practice, for instance: psychological health care, teaching and learning, business management, effective communication, etc. Apart from the above activities, collaborative meetings and a conference will also be provided for a wider exposure to HKSYU academics and students to meet with the accomplished researchers and scholars.

With the resources and support providing by the CEBP centre, more experts around the world and across the fields who are knowledgeable about research in evidence-based practice are aimed to gather to provide focused and in-depth exposure to academic staff teaching in these programs.

Widening these practices in an interdisciplinary framework would further strengthen the research profile and outputs of academic staff of HKSYU. It would render invaluable impetus to academic staff for conducting research in evidence-based practice, and consequently these academics would be able to better inform their teaching through research.