The Projects

Centre of Interdisciplinary Research in Evidence-Based Practice (CEBP)

The Centre of Interdisciplinary Research in Evidence-Based Practice (CEBP) emphasizes an applied research perspective and the scope of research is extended to create more interdisciplinary studies across practical subjects such as business administration, counselling, journalism and social work. The CEBP project commences in early January 2017 and will be ended in December 2019.

The project aims to construct an interdisciplinary platform for promoting research in evidence-based practice within HKSYU and equip this platform with the requisite hardware and software for interdisciplinary research in evidence-based practice. The IDS believes there will be an establishment and enhancement of the links between HKSYU and community partners via the joint development and implementation of evidence-based practice research projects. We foster a research environment where more expertise within HKSYU in the areas of interdisciplinary evidence-based practice can be nurtured.

Research Activities

The Centre offers knowledge exchange research activities including public lectures, research workshops, faculty development training, and a conference. Public lectures are held for all audience in various backgrounds.  Renowned experts with extensive experience in conducting large-scale evidence-based practice research in different academic fields are invited to share their expertise via public lectures to broaden the horizons of faculty members and to inspire interest in the design and implementation of interdisciplinary evidence-based practice studies among academics in Hong Kong; Workshops are more research focused. Leading international experts in research methodology and evidence-based practice research design are invited to conduct a series of workshops to equip faculty members with advanced research knowledge; Faculty training is more skill-based. To further enhance the research skills of faculty members and academics in evidence-based practice, internal small group skillset trainings are arranged. These training sessions can develop awareness and skills on up-to-date research tools to sustain evidence-based research within HKSYU; Academic forums will be organized to facilitate informal academic dialogues that generate research collaboration initiatives among faculty members; To consolidate the learning and research experience gained from the project and to position the University as a key contributor in the research and implementation of evidence-based practice, a knowledge dissemination conference is held as a finale of the project.

Research Resources

An online platform and high-tech equipment are given by the CEBP Project as research resources. The online platform lays a foundation for the on-going development of research into interdisciplinary evidence-based practice, both within and outside HKSYU. The online platform include a website, an internal resource database, an activity registration system and a facility booking system.

The website is used to promote research activities to the public and disseminate relevant information and research outputs related to the project. The public can register any project activity they are interested in via the activity registration system. The internal database enables sharing of books, journals and URL, along with other useful academic resources related to evidence-based practice in various disciplines. It allows shue yan university staff, students, public lecturer and workshop speakers, collaboration partners to further log in for advanced resources of the specific evidence-based related books and journals.

CEBP project also involves acquisition of facilities and equipment including both research hardware and software. These resources are available to all Shue Yan members and authorized parties in which they can make reservation via the IDS facility booking system.

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