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Institutional Development Scheme

The Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) was launched by the Government in order to build up the research capacity of the local self-financing degree-awarding institutions in their strategic research areas in 2013. The funding is strictly deliberated on the basis of performance.

Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) aspires to enrich its research culture through the transition from being teaching-focused research-informed to teaching-led research-active. In response to the Government’s first call for the IDS in 2014, Shue Yan applied to initiate a strategic plan which fosters our interdisciplinary research development. In 2015, HKSYU was selected as one of the five successful applicants and granted HK$6.75 million from the Research Grants Council (RGC) to launch the first IDS project “Constructing an Interdisciplinary Research Platform (IRP) at HKSYU”.  The RGC also granted HKSYU another HK$6.2 million for the second project “Further Enhancement of Interdisciplinary Research in Evidence-based Practice (CEBP)” commencing in January 2017.

To begin with the two IDS projects, the strategic views in the research development of HKSYU are confidently expressed. The IDS will keep providing different opportunities for all the academic staffs and students in HKSYU to enrich their research skills so as to cultivate a research-engaged culture. It is believed that the substantial progress in the increasing potential for research collaboration, the further enhancement in teaching and learning, and a diverse range of interdisciplinary research interests and studies among all Shue Yan’s academic staff and students will be achieved in the near future.