Hong Kong Shue Yan University
The Institutional Development Scheme International Conference 2019
Bridging the Gap: Translating Interdisciplinary Research into
Evidence-Based Practice

Jockey Club Multimedia Production Centre
Room RLG208, Research Complex, HKSYU
May 3 - 4, 2019

CEBP is convening a two-day international conference, “Bridging the Gap: Translating Interdisciplinary Research into Evidence-Based Practice”, serving as a hub of discussion and innovation to encourage academic scholars, graduate students and industry practitioners around the world to create new insights in translating research into practice. Themes of this conference consist of “Interdisciplinary research in evidence-based practice” and “Research methods and localization of evidence-based practice”.

To be confirmed

To be confirmed

The conference is interested in connecting innovative ideas and nourishing scholars in the development of high impact researches. Here we call for papers joining oral or poster presentation or panel or demonstration session with respect to the two conference themes: 1. interdisciplinary research in evidence-based practice; 2. research methods and localization of evidence-based practice.

- Oral Presentation
- Poster Presentation
- Panel Session
- Demonstration (Hardware/ Software/ Teaching)

Rules and Guidelines
Oral or Poster Presentation

  1. Submission of abstract within 500 words is required, with research objectives, proposed methodology and a discussion of expected outcomes.
  2. Completed research papers, student papers, case studies, work-in-progress research and other reports related to evidence-based practice are welcome.
  3. Individual or multiple authors are welcome.
  4. Once the submission is accepted, at least one of the authors must present at the conference.
  5. The language of the papers must be in English.
  6. The reference style must be in APA format.
  7. All documents should be prepared in MS WORD or PDF (version 1.7 or above) format in single-spaced with one-inch margin and fonts in 12 points Times New Roman.
  8. Oral presentation will consist of three to four presenters in a 60-minute session. Presenter is expected to present the paper and answer audience’s questions within 15-20 minutes. The presentation slides should be in PPT or PDF (version 1.7 or above) format and submitted in advance.
  9. Poster presentation will be displayed in a designated area. Corresponding author is required to present the poster on the first day of the conference. Poster format should be prepared according to the template provided.
  10. High-quality conference papers will be considered for publication with the Asia Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy upon mutual agreement.

Panel or Demonstration Session

  1. The panel session requires one chairman to host the session with a minimum of three presenters, to discuss a common issue and integrate different perspectives.
  2. The demonstration session aims to introduce new or exploratory research work, hardware, software, skill or technique in teaching and learning.
  3. Submission summary within 500 words is required including the following information:
    1. The title of the session, a statement of objectives, list of speakers in the panel session or a description of the intended audience in the demonstration session
    2. For Panel Session: Chairman’s name, department, affiliation and email address
    3. For Demonstration Session: a brief description of hardware, software or other equipment to be demonstrated
    4. Abstract of the presenters within 50 words each (optional)
  4. Each session is 60 minutes.
  5. Completed research papers, student papers, case studies, work-in-progress research and other reports related to evidence-based practice are welcome.
  6. All conference attendees are welcome to attend the panel or demonstration session(s).

Important Dates
- Deadlines for submission: February 22, 2019
- Review process: Within 3 weeks after submission
- Result announcement: March 15, 2019

Templates to download

Tel: (852) 2804 8579
Email: Connie Chan kkchan@hksyu.edu / Joseph Lam hhlam.ids@hksyu.edu

A PDF version of above information about Call for Papers could be downloaded here.

Part 1

**Information collected is strictly confidential and will be completely destroyed after the conference.**

Remark: Questions with a mark “*” is a must to answer.

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